Google, though it does not need any introduction, we are obliged to tell you that we are talking about the Google web search engine and not Google Inc. Google is the world’s most-used web search engine handling more than 3 billion searches per day. Yeah that’s right ! Google is awesome. So, we bring you 10 most awesome Google tricks (you can call tricks or fun secrets or helpful things) that will make your searches even more fun.

Here’s an overview of some of the cool Google tricks , from basic tips to helpful features.

10. Using Quotes


It’s a simple trick. You can search the phrase or word with quotes resulting the searches with only that phrase or word in the same order. So, it’s helpful if you are searching for the specific phrase or word.

9. Search using asterisks


Searching a phrase with the asterisk replacing the word will result in all variations of the search. It’s helpful if you are trying to determine a song but cannot make out the entire phrase or if you are trying to find all forms of expression.


8. Search using images


Yes, you can search images in Google. Ever came across a familiar face or images you don’t know then you can search using Google images.

7. Atari Breakout


Type “Atari Breakout” in the Google images and enjoy the classic game of Breakout.

6. Set timer


If you didn’t know, you can also set the timer using Google. Cool right?!

5. Zerg Rush


Try googling (if that is a word) “Zerg rush” and defend your browser against swarms of the letter ‘O’ in Google’s logo. Though they are apparently undefeatable you  can try to fight them off by clicking on them and score. For those who are not familiar with StarCraft ,’Zerg rush’ is a tactic where terrifying and ruthless swarms of aliens known as ‘zergs’ descend to rapidly overwhelm their foes.


 4. Do a barrel roll


Google “Do a barrel roll” and see the magic! *winks*

3. Google Gravitygravity

 In the Google search bar, type “Google Gravity” without quotes and click ‘I’m feeling lucky’ button you will see the entire page will crumble down.

2. Go underwater


Yes, now you can go underwater to search in Google. Just type “Google underwater” and click ‘I’m feeling lucky’ and enjoy the underwater view.



You heard it right. The most addictive 1980’s classic arcade game is still on Google doodle and you can play it anytime you want. On the 30th birthday of Pac-man, Google made a playable doodle but due to the popularity, it gained they decided to leave it there for you to play again and again.

These 10 google tricks are not all that there is. There are loads of tricks you can maneuver. These are the 10 google tricks we found awesome. If you guys think the list needs to be updated or extended, please do comment. Keep googling and have fun.

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