This poignant short movie ‘BHAITIKA’ might make you go and hug your brother/sister right away.

Usually, brothers and sisters have a love-hate relationship. I believe that even though brothers and sisters constantly argue, there prevails a bond of love and friendship.

Directed by famous YouTube vlogger, Sisan Baniya, this short movie is about love between brothers and sisters. To express the love, Nepalese people have the festival named Bhai Tika where sister worships her brother. Even after marriage, brothers go to their sister home to receive Tika. But after her marriage, the first tika you receive in her new house is very absurd and emotional. Shristi Shrestha and her brother go through the same feelings, as brother recalls all their childhood memories from teasings to pain. The movie really touches your heart mid-way through it.

The screenplay is brilliant and all the actors have done justice to their roles. Former Miss Nepal Shristi Shrestha has successfully impressed us again with her acting skills.

The movie is able to show the true bond and love between the relationship between brother and sister. Simple and sweet story but so many deep feelings and memories, that will make your heart shrink and eyes cry.

Now, for a moment, just let us think outside the video. During fights in Nepal, one of the most common and heartbreaking dialogues that we brother say is  “कैले घर छोडेर जान्छस बुढाको घर “. During that, our unconscious minds are unaware of our words. Whatever you call it, teasings or way of expressing our wrath, please take my advice and never use that dialogue against your sister. Believe me or ask those brothers whose sisters have been married, these few words will be the most painful, distressing and disturbing dialogue you have ever said in your entire lives.

So, let us take the message from the movie and enjoy these dazzling moments with your brother or sister.

Happy Tihar !!! Cheers !!!!!

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