Cristiano Ronaldo in Home Alone Ad

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo is getting into the Christmas spirit by starring in an homage to the classic 1990 film Home Alone. He reenacts some of the classic scenes like the scream, in which he’s shirtless, of course.

CRISTIANO RONALDO is quite clearly looking forward to Christmas. And he is also a big Home Alone fan. Ronaldo sings some Christmas songs to himself in the bathroom as he stars in his own ‘Home Alone’ film. And, he even splashes his face with aftershave and screams out loud
Ronaldo Home Alone
• Ronaldo stars as the new Macaulay Culkin in a Christmas advert.
• He is left home alone after his family leaves him to go on holiday.
• The Real Madrid star recreates famous scenes from 1990 Home Alone film.

Making the most out of mistakenly being left behind by his mother Dolores, Cristiano plays the part of Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone in a fun new Portuguese advertisement. Once the family returns, they celebrate together, with a new sound system and speaker to set the scene.

“For once, Cristiano Ronaldo stars in an ad that doesn’t feature his abs.’’ has been stated in the description. The followers will be surprised.

Some of the most memorable scenes that are to be recreated in the advert are the following: family rushing around the crowded airport trying to catch their plane, Ronaldo playing television gunshots so as to scare off the pizza delivery guy as well as putting aftershave on his face and screaming afterward. Finally, the very ending is also the same – the family is coming back home, and everything is back to normal.

Who knows, maybe after his footballing career ends, Ronaldo could have a successful future in the movie industry. A career in Hollywood surely awaits when Ronaldo decides to hang up his boots. This one is HILARIOUS!!! Check it out!


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