“We create a spectrum of creative supplies that are designed to meet your needs to capture, treasure, and share your expressions, emotions, and imaginations.”

With this succulent intro Bhav Products entered the market introducing an entirely new genre of stationery and creative supplies.

vintuna_urbannepaliWhen asked what inspired her to start Bhav Products, founder Bhintuna had an interesting story to share. With her love for graphics and working as a freelance graphic designer, she had to plan and track projects for scheduling.

“I couldn’t find a good, functional planner and notebooks with dot grids and grids to work for my conceptual designs. Going through Pinterest and international brands’ stationery online was tiring. I’ve always been taught to use what is around, recreate it to one’s needs, so from childhood, I was into DIY (Do It Yourself). That made me combine my three different notebooks to make my own planner-cum-notebook.”

Few of the Bhav Products. Follow them on Instagram @bhavproducts

“Make things you wish existed.” by Jessica Hische, American designer had been what truly inspired her to start Bhav Products.

Bhav supplies are anything but conventional. With colored pages, grids, and dots these products are vivid and imaginative. DIY cards, badges, stickers open people up imagination and creativity.

“Bhav products are customizable – which means you can make it your own and personalize it according to your liking!”

Here’s how customers are letting their creative juices flow with Bhav.

Founder Bhintuna says “I wanted to make the experience of writing more exciting so I thought why not use different colored pages for notebooks and also the grids. From childhood it has been instilled in us that blanks are for drawing, ruled for writing and grids for maths which is not helping our creative thinking. I wanted our Nepali users to have the openness, freedom, a unique experience when they write, doodle, draw, sketch whatever they intend to do with Bhav Products. And also a space for personalization, the users can play around with the minimal, simple designs of Bhav Products to make it their own version.”

Starting something unconventional and yet so refreshing was indeed a risk. But Bhintuna is happy with the results. Her DIY designs and customizable products are gaining popularity.

“Yes it is popular but they are too afraid to try it out themselves. Maybe the concept of ‘perfection’ stops them. I always encourage my customers to just make it without fearing how good or bad it turns out. At least try, start and keep doing and eventually, they will be better. First I thought age group defines the user base of Bhav Products but I was wrong, whoever are interested and appreciates creativity has been the loyal customer of Bhav. Slowly a community has been built. It is good to see people interacting, commenting and praising each other.”

Customers using Bhav to express

Some popularity of Bhav Products is attributed to Instagram. Bhintuna says, “Humans are attracted and learn a lot visually so Instagram is perfect. It has surely helped Bhav Products in marketing, building up its own community. I post my DIY projects using Bhav Products and reposting Bhav users’ pictures has also helped, when the audience themselves shares it is a form of testimonial. It is easy to reach out to the targeted audience with hashtags and the app isn’t complicated to use.”

Bhav Products are also popular in Instagram for hosting monthly creative Naulo challenges.

When asked how she came up with the idea, Bhintuna says “After the April 2015 devastating earthquake in Nepal, there was fear and awkward silence. My friend Dipti Sherchan from A Tiny Little Perspective (www.atlp.info) and I felt there should be a certain outlet to pour, share what we were feeling or distract ourselves towards the positivity. So we figured how about hosting a monthly creative challenge which would be a totally different kind of challenge, hence the name ‘Naulo’. We would give prompts; participants had to send their interpretations in the form of prose, poem or doodle. We wanted to appreciate and reward the participants for their time and effort. The winner gets our products from Bhav. (I hope they aren’t disappointed).”
Since July 2015 they have successfully hosted 10 Naulo challenges.

Some entries of ‘Naulo’ challenge. Take part in these challenges via their Instagram page:

Today is the last day of submission for Naulo’s ‘The Lost Slipper’. Hurry send your entries. Follow @naulonaulo 👉naulo.atlp.info #Repost ・・・ Submission #07: The Lost Slipper Submitted by: Sarin Bajracharya @ledsarin Medium: Doodle and Text ✳Naulo.atlp.info ☞Challenge details: 🔸Send in a doodle or text interpretation regarding what could have happened to the lost slipper. 🔹Email it to us at naulonaulo@gmail.com 🔸Your artwork or writing must be original in concept and content. 🔹Word count limitation: 50-100 words. 🔸Submission deadline: 28th June, 2016 ⏺Valid for the participants in Nepal only. (If you are out of valley or not in Nepal and you have someone to pick up the prize then, it shouldn’t be a problem.) ⏺Share through #naulonaulo #bhavgiveaway #atlpchallenge #lostslipper #creative#story#write#draw#doodle#imagine#share#naulo#digital#art#nepal#nepali#challenge#prose#poetry#slipper#lostandfound#kidnap#bhavproducts#bhav

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Submission #12: The Unusual Bonding Submitted by: Mandira Manandhar Medium: Doodle Link: Naulo.atlp.info …. 📖The Title of My Life: May Challenge 2016 This May, we bring to you “The Title of My Life” challenge. For every time you thought, this could easily have been my life when reading a book, this is a perfect opportunity to share with us what your life would be titled if it were a book! 📌Email us your entry at naulonaulo@gmail.com 📌Submission deadline: 25th May, 2016 Learn more about the challenge 👉http://naulo.atlp.info/index.php/2016/05/11/the-title-of-my-life/ #naulonaulo #titleofmylife #bhavigveaway #atlpchallenge #creative #challenge #write #title #book #life #nepal #nepali #life #bookcover #doodle #pattern #linedrawing

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To the delight of the customers, Bhav products have recently introduced a new range ‘Pahilo Bhav Tote’. Founder Bhintuna says “I wanted to try different material so ‘Pahilo Bhav Tote’ is made from the jute (Burlap) produced in Nepal and fully hand stitched by Nepali women. I designed an outer pocket to the tote where we can keep our keys, pens, notebooks, water bottles.

Everyone wishes to flaunt ‘Made in Nepal’ products but has a mindset that Nepali products aren’t of high quality and the designs aren’t good. With Bhav Products it is just a small attempt of mine to showcase good Nepali designed products.”

Bhav Products have carved their niche in the creativity business. It is always a refreshing to see new ventures that are challenging the traditional mindset and we wish Bhav Products all the luck for their future endeavors.

Currently, Bhav Products has Notebooks with 0.5 dot grids, 0.5 grids, 1cm grids, ruled pattern and blank pages with different colored pages (Blue, Cream, Green, Pink, Yellow and White). Planners, spiral notepads, DIY cards, badges, stickers and burlap tote.

Bhav Products are available in physical store at Jhochhen, Newroad, estore (www.bhavproducts.com). Bhav Products also participates in markets like ‘The Art Market’ at The Yellow House, Sanepa , K-Town Exchange at RS Moto and popup bazar like Karavan Kathmandu. (The events are updated on the website and social media). Other outlets are Evoke Cafe and Bistro at Jhamsikhel, Kathmandu and Cafe Evoke in Lakeside, Pokhara.

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