We have all been there. We all have off times where we do not know what to do with ourselves. We’ve scrolled through all the newsfeed of social media during that time and it somehow feels that we still have some time to spend. You could follow all of them or some of them depending on your interests.

Learn a new skill

    It could be anything as simple as shuffling a card deck or to more complicated orchestral piano. There are bound to be certain hobbies that you are passionate about and if you aren’t sure of what to do, just go to Wikipedia to search for the list of hobbies.There is a comprehensive link of what to do and there is one of them bound to catch your eye.The time spend watching movies could be used to learn a new hobby which is sure enough to impress your friends and family members.

Listen to podcasts

    There are numerous podcasts providing various information relating from science to business to more casual approaches like movie reviews. Music is what we listen to most of the time, but instead of listening to that sad song reminding you of your ex, you can listen to the podcasts and learn something valuable from each session. Podcasts are great because it does not require you to have your full attention to it. So, even if you missed a couple of things, you will retain some of it which can be valuable in increasing your knowledge capacity.

Write or record what you do

It may sound awkward to you but you can make a diary or vlog about how you feel during that particular day. Many people feel shy to express themselves and rely heavily on the judgment of others. We feel that our lives are mundane because of the fact that we became accustomed to our lives. The day that we record can be special to other people when they either read or watch the video. In a few years, you will be glad that you started recording yourself as you can look back and see the progress made by you in front of your eyes.


Instead of scrolling on the social media, give someone a call. You could ask about how they are doing or what is going on in their lives. If you could arrange a meeting with them as well. Talk to your grandparents you have them in your lives. The stories that they will tell you will be the ones you will always cherish with them and realize about the colorful lives that they have enjoyed. So, go pick up your cell and give someone a call.


    There is no better way to give your body a much-needed recharge. I am not saying that you should join a gym, however you could go for a run or do some pushups. I want you to stop reading right now and do some pushups. Try the 100-pushup challenge. You could break down in sets of 10 to make the process go easier. You will feel much better and energized after the exercise and will want to do some more.
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