Counter-Strike is the most played, exciting and obsessing multiplayer PC game ever made. For the past 15 years, it has continued to be one of the most-played games in the world, headline competitive gaming tournaments and selling over 25 million units worldwide across the franchise and this new CS:GO is no different.

We grew up with this game. It has been supporting us from the very beginning August 1999 to be precise.We have lost our many brave men and sleep in this game. We are so passionate about playing this game that we have even forgotten to eat and even talk to our parents (sadly who never understood us).The graphics, gameplay, controls, commanding the bots, exciting and deadly arsenals are what attracted us towards this game. But this game has even evolved from the above-mentioned features. It has got so realistic graphics that you will surely be confused when you first get your hands on this game. You will be asking if this really is that same old counter strike game. More exciting arsenals, more consoles. Okay, I can’t describe this game, you have to play this game, live in it and tell me.


As its predecessor, this game CS: GO can be played both online and offline. Playing online is exciting and adventurous some might say. You will get a chance to play with different people from around the globe and can show your skills and ability. But you know playing online needs an internet connection(sadly), a really good one to play without lagging and it can be really annoying when you get killed without even enjoying the play due to the slow connection. Unlike previous CS franchise where playing offline with friends in LAN was so easy, this term its little bit trickier but not difficult.

For this, you and your friends need to be in the same network whether you have an internet connection or not doesn’t  matter.

Generally, it’s a two step process but I have deduced it to a simpler form.

So here goes:

  1. The host should open the game and play offline with bots
  2. Select terrorist or counter-terrorist as you like and then start the game
  3. Now go to console(press ‘~’ this key on keyboard)
  4. On the console type sv_Lan 1 and hit enter
  5. Then type Status and hit enter
  6. There look for the IP shown like an example)
  7. Now tell your friends to open the game
  8. Tell friends to go to console and type connect and shown IP address(like connecting and hit enter.
  9. Now play the offline with bots with your friends.

Easy huh. Now go enjoy the action packed multiplayer game and compete with your friends in a deathmatch and remember always kill more than your friends. Storm the front!

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