He: Travel the world with her.
She: Travel the world with him.

“What is love to you?”
It’s about knowing that someone will be there for you and drive with you to the middle of nowhere to simply watch the clouds, stardust, and talk about the universe and everything in between. It’s about spending hours sitting in the coffee shop by the window with your loved ones and looking at the people surrounding you. It’s about going out and traveling places you both like and feel strangely exciting being led by your loved ones hand-in-hand.

This is the story. Follow through!

August 17th 2k16 Its been a year of posting our photos on IG!

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The ‘Follow Me To’ photo series is an inspiration from the famous couple – Murad Osmann and his wife Natalia Zakharova, the creator of this photo project who stunned the people with their incredible shots around the world.

Inspired from them, a photography-enthusiast Nepali couple @sheyanjor have started the same photo series in Nepal. They have set travel and relationship goals for the Nepali people with their stunning hand-in-hand pictures around leading to incredible shots at different places in Nepal. Their stunning pictures have been ‘talk-of-the-town’ and there are many who want pictures just like that for their travel.

The couple @sheyanjor who don’t want to reveal their faces and names for now, started their photo series with a simple ‘Hello!’ from Patan Durbar Square sharing a classy pose – the girl holding her boy’s hand, and leading him around. Since then, they have traveled to many places in Nepal, exploring more, and more.

It’s been more than a year we’ve been stalking their Instagram stories in the famous #FollowMeTo way. Their trails around Nepal are the true reflection of thousands and thousands of their feelings, thoughts, and memories which portray their ‘simple but extraordinary’ hobby of travelling and photography passion, and love for the nation.

We took a small interview ( Instagram DM though hahahaa) with this creative and beautiful couple from our country – Nepal, popularly known as ‘#FollowMeTo’ travelers in the town. Follow through and do not forget to follow them on INSTAGRAM to stay updated with their incredible new shots. They have some messages to everyone outta’ there. Hear their share!

1. How did your #FollowMeTo photo series journey start?

“We have been following Murad Osmann from a long time and it kind of got us. So, we thought about doing our version. Since we both love travelling, and taking pictures we thought why not doing it the famous #followmeto way. So, that’s how it started.

On 26th November, 2014, a simple ‘Hello’ from Patan Durbar Square in the world heritage site was our first #FollowMeTo Instagram post. That’s where we started this journey.”

and all it took was a simple “hello”

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2. This series is a very creative endeavor. What message do you want to convey through this photo series to the society, to the world?

“Life is short so travel a lot. (Haha, that’s just rhymed!)

Anyways, the message we would want to share to the world is that Nepal is a beautiful & adventurous country and people all around the world should come and visit. And, to the society, why not explore our country first before exploring other countries.’’

#5 #throwbackweek #Boudhanath

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3. We find love and enthusiasm around each and every corner of your Instagram Stories. Can you share is the best feeling our this journey?

“Everywhere we have visited we have learned new things, made new friends which has been very pleasant. After every journey, we post pictures and get feedbacks and messages asking about where the place is, how to reach there and all. And, realizing that you are the reason for people visiting those places is absolutely the best feeling about this journey.”

4. Can you hint us anything about the future stories to come?

“Well, as they say future is unpredictable.”

“All we know is that we will be continuing our journey in Nepal and also outside Nepal as travelling is our hobby and photography is our passion.”

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5. Your followers are desperate to hear from you. What do you want to share with your followers who have been sticking through your IG?

“We would like to thank everybody supporting and loving us. We really appreciate it.”

“We want you guys to travel to places we have and haven’t visited, share your photos, tag us so that we can learn and explore new places.”

6. Do you guys have any plan of revealing your faces any time soon?

“Hahaha, we will!”

“We surely will reveal our faces not anytime soon but after some years maybe.”

“I don’t want perfect.. I want YOU ” #MYLOVE

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Dear @sheyanjor, have fun being together always and travel places. Pack your bags, go places no one has been before and never look back. Keep being every couple’s relationship goal and make everyone jealous and entertained with your wonderful travel stories. Lastly, we hope that this article can be a small gift for your soon-to-come ‘Second Anniversary’ of #FollowMeTo photo series.


Here are some of our favourites. You can always stalk and find your new favorite from their Instagram posts. 😉

#throwbackweek #10

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#4 #throwbackweek #swayambhunath

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“The Paddy plantation” #kritipur #nepal #planting #paddy #rice #with #love

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Date with my Valentine ❤ Happy valentines day!! #followmeto #date #withhim #fun #cafelava

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