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“People who love to eat are always the best people”. Well, Julia Child is right. If you are a Nepali Instagram user then you might have certainly followed this foodie who just has this obsession with eating food and who believes food is an art. The best food Instagrammer from Nepal who goes by is the one I’m talking about.

Having the passion for photography and filming, this Instagrammer captures the beauty of food, be it any kind, and then Instagrams them leaving his every follower with a watery mouth. Not only does he uploads the food photos but also reviews the places he eats and suggests the best one for all us, foodie people, like me, like you!

This concept of food photography and reviewing the restaurants via Instagram is a totally new concept for Nepali Instagram users. And, that concept has really attracted Instagram users to follow which has increased his popularity among the Nepali Instagram users day by day. So, here is something we’ve got for all you people who follows him on Instagram and are eager to know about him more.

URBAN NEPALI was lucky enough to get an interview done with this famous foodie. *winks*
So, here is it, people!

1. We know it’s difficult to point it out. But also, how did this all start? What inspired you to do food- Instagramming?

I am just a normal person who enjoys eating out and exploring new places. One day when we were waiting for food at a restaurant, my close friend Anuja Shrestha was going through my gallery on my phone. She got irritated that I had so many food pictures on my phone and suggested that I might as well put them up to good use somewhere and why not use that platform to share pictures and opinions about food and places around Kathmandu. And as the page grew, I knew it was something that people wanted. So all the love from my followers has me going.

2. Have you considered working on this food-Instagramming thing and maybe start a food blogging site on your own?

It is certainly something that I’ve thought about. But my platform will be Youtube. My channel will mainly focus on food along with some entertainment. I definitely have a few things coming up, so stay tuned.

3. You’re obviously a huge foodie. How do you hunt down the best eating places? Would you rather go with the place’s favorite or something from your personal choice?

The recommendations mostly used to come from my friends. And now that I run, my followers are always suggesting me places to visit. So, that helps me to hunt down new places. As for ordering food, I like to be adventurous so I try not to stick to my personal favorites most of the time. Sometimes those choices leave me satisfied, sometimes they don’t. But that’s the whole point in trying new food, discovering what I like and what I don’t.

4. What did you do to build your followers? How did you gain so many so quickly?

I really didn’t have to do much. As a foodie, I started giving my honest reviews and people followed along on my journey. When I started, I had no expectations about what shape this would take. And I’ve been pleasantly surprised the way it has turned out. As a foodie, I would have loved the page if it wasn’t run by me because of the recommendations and also the menu of the restaurant provided.

I am also quite close with my followers. I love interacting with them through comments and direct messages. That has helped to bind us into a community. My followers gain information about different food and places from me, and I, from them.

5. Do you photograph everything you eat? If not, how do you decide what to photograph?

I have an interest in Filming and Photography. So, food photography is no exception. I photograph most of the things I eat and anything related to food that might be interesting to share.
A lot of my followers ask me if it’s awkward for me as a man to take pictures of food at a restaurant all the time. But I paid for the food, so I don’t think there’s anything to feel awkward about.

6. Strolling around random places with good vibrations and eating different eateries, what does it feel like? How has this affected your life? What do you want to say to all your followers?

As a foodie, doing anything related to food feels great. And now that people follow my opinions, I try to be as honest as possible about the places I try. I have definitely become more active in trying new things and places. And I have my followers to thank for that.

7. When can your followers see the face behind ? Have you ever been caught by any of your followers just out of random because they had a hint you could be

I have plans to start posting videos on Youtube. So, the first video, which will be posted soon enough, will itself reveal the face behind

And yes, I have indeed been found by my followers on a few occasions. This one time when I was dining at Zen Bistro, a girl saw me and found me as the person behind Later when I asked her she said, she just knew that it was me. It’s a pleasure when people appreciate your work.

8. What does the future look like for

I will continue to eat out and share my thoughts and opinions, as I’m doing today. And like I mentioned before, I have plans for my Youtube channel. So I can only hope my work keeps benefiting all those who follow along on my journey.


Dear, best of luck for your future endeavors. Go out places and tease your taste buds with every food delight that there is and also, do let us know what to try new and where to try. You are doing a great job helping out people who can’t decide where to eat including me. Cheers! *laughs*

And, people don’t forget to subscribe his YouTube Channel too. There is lot more coming from this creative person so don’t miss out any bit of it. You are missing out a lot if you don’t subscribe including how he looks like.

Check this collection he shares with us. All will make you droll. *grins*

Something big is coming. 🍢🍳🍚🍟🍔🍴 Any guesses?

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aaiselu urban nepali
Aiselu/ Wild raspberries ❤️ Price : So much of hard work required.

Amazinggggg . keep on guessing …….

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Chaaku Yomari (Rice pocket with Molasses and Sesame), Patan Durbar Square urban nepali
Sausages at Pulchowck Dumkal, infront of Hessed Cafe

Meet Cokewoti 😎 Inspired from Jindagi Namiley Dubara ✌🏿️ How many here are Coke fans?

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Morning breakfast before movie at Cafe Crema, LABIM MALL

Who likes my tshirt ? ✌🏿️

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Ya be like ☝️

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Three words to all the foodies out there: EAT. LOVE. PRAY. *virtual high five*

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