So this morning, I was switching through videos on YouTube and randomly happen to watch a Nepali short movie “Savitri”.

“Savitri” is a Nepali short movie inspired from a short story “Typist” by Bhawani Bhikshu. The movie stars Keki Adhikari, Dipesh Bhandari, Manju Devkota in the lead role and is directed by Sujit Bidari.

“Savitri” depicts the story of a married typist during the 90’s. Savitri (Keki Adhikari) is a married woman and works as a typist. Though already being married, she has feelings for her co-worker who recites her stories in radio. She underestimates her husband and their married relationship. Her relationship with husband turns sour, and she starts imagining a new happy relationship with her co-worker. Later, she finds out that her love interest has no feelings for her and feels guilty. The movie ends with the song “Yo man ko ke bhar huncha” by Arun Thapa which is an icing on the cake. The moral of the story can be summarized through this beautiful song.

The movie shows the psychological desire rooted in the woman’s heart and that desire being thrown away by the bitter reality. The movie shows how Savitri took her relationship for granted and started being happy in her own imagination. Keki Adhikari has done full justice to her role is what I felt. Her acting is natural and that last crying scene from her is just so Wow! The movie has succeeded in bringing that 90’s feel with the color tone, the old radio set, the typewriter and likewise. Overall, the movie is brilliant and it feels happy to see the Nepalese movie industry improving day by day.

If you are a movie person, you don’t want to miss this. Best wishes to the “Savitri” team and Keki Adhikari. Cheers!

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