The Internet always has something stupid and wild yet entertaining stuff to offer and we internet surfers always love no matter what that is. And this time, it’s Piko-Taro’s PPAP i.e Pen Pineapple Apple Pen. If you are an internet person, you might have already listened to this song which is viral all over the internet right now and is literally ruling the internet with troll pages bringing out those hilarious memes one after another.

PPAP has every ingredient an internet sensational song requires. Irritatingly catchy music, a funny looking character with a weird look and dance moves, and nonsense lyrics, PPAP has it all. It might sound stupid at first but aren’t every internet hit songs like that at first? You won’t believe that you’ll start humming this song just after you give it a listen. And the interesting thing is you can also make a similar nonsensical song in regards to this song just by changing the lyrics somewhat. Now isn’t that awesome? *winks*

No matter how the song is, it has already been an instant hit and is all over the internet at the moment. Thousands of parody videos have been uploaded on YouTube and some are really funny. Oh!, these YouTubers, they just need a thing that’s trending and you will see reaction videos to parody videos flooding the internet.

Well, this song could be another ‘Gangnam Style’ kinda song with the number of views it has been receiving. As of now, this video has 4,825,732 views and counting. Popular Facebook page 9GAG posted this video and it reached 44 million views. Rumor also says that if this song is hit enough, then Piko-Taro is planning to release a long version of the song. Now, just imagine what that would be like!

For now, watch this song and ‘Pen Pineapple Apple Pen’ (whatever that is)


Just after few weeks of his viral song, Japanese singer and comedian Pikotaro has unveiled a new, extended version of his internet hit “Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen” (PPAP) on Friday, Oct 27, 2016.

The original video quickly went viral after being uploaded in early September.

The original video has over 131 million views on YouTube. And, features Pikotaro miming the joining of an imaginary apple and pineapple with an imaginary pen. The social media star has stated in many news that the PPAP lyrics were inspired by items he found on the table when he began writing.

Meanwhile, PIKOTARO has already enjoyed a rapid climb to fame, even claiming the title as the shortest single ever to make the Billboard Hot 100. 

The extended video, which lasts more than two minutes, includes additional lyrics and a ‘dance time’. And, shows the 53-year old in eccentric action. Just in few days time, this new video has been watched more than nine million times.

Here’s the extended version:

We are just wondering now what his next song will be. How senseless and meaningless the song might be, it’s getting viral and our tongue can’t just stop buzzing this song. Haha, what an irony  !!!

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