Celebrities are awesome. And, they are more awesome when they come up with surprises.

Yes, it’s literally happening. A surprise gift has just been out from the adorable actress Priyanka Karki featuring the stunning actor Ayushman DS Joshi.

It’s a romantic music video which says ‘COME FALL IN LOVE’. Here’s what Priyanka Karki shared on her Instagram page. She seemed happy about this new attempt which she has tried. And so far, it has been getting good responses.


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So, the fireworks for ‘Deepawali’ have begun and their followers are out to fall in love with this beautiful romantic music video. The duo who have in the past featured in few music videos together look beautiful, hot and all sorts of attractive on screen.

We all knew about Ayushman’s brilliant voice, thanks to his cover songs on  YouTube but Priyanka was the one who surprised us all with her voice. So pleasant and brilliant, it makes us wonder if there is anything that she can’t do in entertainment business. From Classical dance in Surke Thaili to Hippop in Nira cover song with The Cartoonz crew, she had already impressed us by showing her dance moves on the screen.

And she has captivated us again by this music video. This song was originally sung by famous singer Megan Trainor who became popular with the controversy ” It’s all about that Bass”

Aayushman is popular for his cover songs and his recently launched movie “Chappali height 2”. He has already becoming the heartthrob of Kollywood with his acting and singing. And his chemistry with Priyanka Karki look so perfect like a couple in love.

This is definitely a great treat for the fans of Priyanka and Ayushman!
Enjoy the music video. Cheers and Happy Deepawali!

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