The  trailer for one of the most anticipated movies of the year SpiderMan: Homecoming has been released on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Oh yes, finally, Marvel and Sony have come back with a bang, featuring Tom Holland as your favorite neighborhood Spiderman in Red and Blue Spiderman costume.

Earlier this year, Peter Parker stole the show in Marvel’s Captain America Civil war and fans were eager to watch him in a solo movie. Hope they can recreate the magic which they had created 14 years ago.

The expectations for Spiderman is  the same hype like Sony’s Spiderman back in 2002, where Tobey Maguire became very popular with the audiences especially 90’s kids. No doubt, 90s kids still call him Peter Parker rather than his own name. The second part became so hit that it is regarded as the second best Superhero movie after Dark knight rises.

Sony’s second  movie series featuring Andrew Garfield couldn’t continue the success of the first installment.

Finally, the third installment is the collaboration between Marvel and Sony in  which Peter Parker is just a teenager studying in high school. Peter will be seen fighting against the supervillain Vulture which is being played by Michale Keaton.

Like The Amazing Spiderman, Mary Jane character won’t be played in the movie. Instead, Actress Zendaya will be playing the character of Michelle in the movie.

The trailer also follows a cameo appearance from Robert Downey JR. as Iron Man along with the continuation of few scenes in Captain America : Civil War.

Fake avengers, robbery scenes, new heroine, powerful supervillain, the trailer is fantastic and has caught the attention of the comics and superheroes freak all around the world.

Now only after the release, we will know if this movie can succeed the first installment and if Tom Holland can replace Tobey Maguire as spiderman among audiences. Till then, just watch the trailer and enjoy!!!

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