Cheers Presents Nepal Reacts have released the second episode: ‘राजतन्त्र कि गणतन्त्र ? Nepal Reacts!’ of their second season in their YouTube Channel amidst the delight of Vijaya Dashami.

This time, the question was “Kingship or Democracy? Why?” Some supported Kingship and some aligned towards Democracy. Some said things were better previously. And, some stated that now we, the people have the power and we should (can) improvise the system.

We came through these top three reactions through the comments. Flow through!
1. Nimesh Bhattarai
“In my view, Nepal needs a single leader who requires a different cabinet chosen by the people to make plans. There should be a pm and a council of Ministers chosen directly by people and a legislature of not more than 50 members and finally a single king as the practice and tradition of Nepal.”

2. Sonish Magar
“Yedi corruption na hune ho vane.. Gadatantra ramrai ho!!! Natra jun jogi aaye pani kanai chireko ho!!!”

3. Ang Tshering Sherpa
“In my opinion, Democracy means freedom, equality, and prosperity. In the present context of Nepal, yes democracy is failing but not only due to 601 member of parliament but each and every Nepalese is involved in it. We Nepalese are so used to be the slave that most of us still need king why do we think that we can’t make our society better by ourselves. Stop saying raja au desh bachau. more than 200 years king ruled our country n the result is what?? People stating in kings period there was no load shedding, no bandha and bullshit but please look at our history more than 10000 people died in kings period just to bring democracy fighting with so-called kingship. I still remember when there were not a single day people not dying whether it is police, Maoist or civilian in kings period. As our nation is not developing as we expected but the population is increasing day after day. Hami nae hau kaam chito huna ko lagi ghoos deney annyaye sahera basney ani neta ley desh bigaryo bhanera coffee shop mah guff garera basney. lets bring change within ourselves and change our society.”

Avash and Anup are doing an amazing job by leading the show where Nepal reacts to trending, normal, idiotic, controversial, taboo, unconventional, conventional, social agendas, and more. Keep it up and Cheers!!

Watch the video here!

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  1. May be people dont know we can practice progressive democracy along with kingship . Federal democratic republic of Nepal is not only form of Democracy .

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