You have probably heard many time ‘Laughter is the best medicine’. Smiling, it feels good and makes you look great. In order to help you celebrate World Smile Day, we have compiled 10 fascinating facts about smiling.World Smile day is celebrated on the first Friday in the month of October every year.Get ready to smile because these facts about smiling are nothing but reasons for you to smile.

1.You feel better when you smile

No matter what people say you got to admit smile makes you feel better.That smile can be your’s or your friends or partners.So, why frown when u can feel better with just one simple smile.So,Keep smiling guys.


2.It costs nothing but creates much

As you know your smile is yours only.Nobody in the right mind is allowed to steal your smile from your face.Nobody has that power and it comes for free.Only thing that is free in the world,your smile so don’t be stingy and keep smiling.


3.Smiling helps you live longer

The habit of smiling makes you feel better.It will make you optimistic.You will see the world in a better way with a positive thinking reducing your stress and regrets.So live long, be happy by smiling.


4.Smiling is Contagious

Smiling really is contagious.I don’t know if you have ever experienced before or not you can never frown upon when you look at other people with their smile.So,spread your smile and make other also feel better.


5.Smiling is a global sign of happiness

No matter where you come from or what your native language ,smiling is always regarded as a sign of happiness all around the world.So,whenever you find difficult making friends in foreign places just pass them your smile.


6.Smiling drastically reduces stress

Smiling is a sign of happiness.When you smile the world around you looks happy to you.It will ease your pain and reduce your unnecessary stress.


7.It’s easier to smile than to frown

Let’s forget about what scientist have said.I want to take it from you.You agree that it is easy for you to smile than to frown.Who in the right mind would like to frown all day rather than to smile, right? so, why make that frown face cheer up show me your smile please.


8.Babies start smiling as newborns

This is interesting.Did you know babies start smiling as newborns.Cool ,right?You are the start of happiness so,keep smiling baby boo.


9.Smiling helps you sound friendly

The first thing you do a stranger you want to make friends is to smile.If you have done this then tell me the end result at the comment.


10.Looks more attractive when smiling

Have you ever seen a frown pictures of celebrity and that you liked?You always want to see them smile so that you can smile.Smile defines your attractiveness.So,don’t make that frown face.Be happy and keep smiling fellas.the_simpsons_movie_06_1920x1440

.A slight curve on our face and we automatically look sexy with temporary wrinkles and permanent happiness. It is the happiness you will always find right under your nose.

Who knows if you were born in the 15th century, Leonardo would have painted your smile rather than Monalisa’s!

Happy World Smile Day hahaha..

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