Childhood Weirdness? Check!

Childhood was weird. We believed that if we accidentally swallowed gum, it would stick around in our stomachs for years. The dead-man story, the spirit game, Nikhil Upreti jumping record (haha), what not?!

Okay, let’s turn back the clock for a while and walk down the memory lane into some weird lies we believed as kids (I kinda still believe some).

Here are some weird ‘guffs’ that we believed. *giggles*

    1. Spirit Game, Calling Late King Birendra’s Ghost:
      We all had that one Guffadi friend who told us that he was able to call Late king’s soul and interrogated him about this death. All you need was few markings, a coin, and real blood. Then you are ready to play the spirit game. It sounds so funny right now but hey, it was frightening, so much frightening that you had to sleep hiding your entire face in the blanket.
    2. Orange Balls In Water Equals Fanta:
      orangeball_fanta_urbannepaliDo you remember mixing orange balls in a water bottle so that it will have the same taste as Fanta ?  Haha, some of us even believed that coke is made black by charcoal.
    3. Jackie Chan Is A Real Ninja; If He Can Do It, We Can Do It Too.
      Growing up watching Jackie chan movies gave rise to our inner karate skills. Admit it, we all tried breaking the stones, woods with our fists in our conquest to become a Ninja. *huiyahha*  And, how many of you guys still remember Tony Jaa’s Ong Bak elbow shot?
    4.  Magic Pencil:
      How many of you remember magic pencil ? And, how many of you believed that those sketches created by the magic pencil will appear in real life? The Indian show ‘Shaka Laka Boom Boom‘ got so much popular in Nepal that those so called magic pencils were sold in stationaries. And after many days of arguing with our parents, we were finally able to buy one. Guess what happened next? BOOM, nothing happened LOL.magic_pencil
    5. You Will Become A Spiderman If A Spider Bites You.
      Just like Batman fever these days, Spiderman craze was all over in the late 1990s and early 20s. Every kid in the locality wanted to buy that spiderman costume and you had to cry,beg and cringe in front of your parents. And after disapproval of parents, there was only one way left to become a spiderman. Catch the spider and let it bite you. Too funny, one of my friends broke his arm while trying to catch a spider.
    6. Osama Bin Laden Hides In The Himalayas
      Why can’t U.S. find Osama if they have satellite? The only justifiable answer is that he lives above 6000 ft in the Himalayas. Admit it, all of us were Bin Laden fans when we were kids. We all had this wicked dream of being a terrorist and ruling the entire world. Some of us still might have that dream haha
    7. Nikhil Upreti Jumped From 9-Talla-Building:
      In a movie scene, when actor Nikhil jumped from 9 talla building, rumors were all over the place that this scene was real. The Khiladi ‘Akshay Kumar’ came to Nepal to teach those stunts LOL.
    8. Immortal Undertaker:
      This was believed by every kid not only in Nepal but all over the world. Undertaker rose from the grave thrice and he has 7 lives. That’s why he is called the Deadman and everyone’s favorite as well.
    9. Adult life is awesome, SLC is IronGate
      Study, study , come on study, just secure good marks in SLC and your life is free. Then you will have a job, bindass life. Haha, this was perhaps the biggest lie of our life. Watching the elder brothers, movies made us believe that growing up was fun. Now the only thing we can do is wear a t-shirt saying “Don’t Grow up. It’s a trap.”

    10. Babies Are Born After Marriage.

This is a universal lie believed by every child. Hahaha!

Sharing is fun! Well, what lies do you remember from your childhood? Comment below!

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