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A thought, that if only I could convey a huge round of applause and a dignified bow to the script writer of course and the actors who agreed to play their roles in a movie called BARPAKI MAYA. Till date, we have highly adhered to the Hollywood movies and, the Bollywood movies happen to be the subject we love as well. Along with these, “the improvisation in Nepal movies has been splendid” is, what we talk about these days. But apart from those improvised and alluringly cinematographed motion pictures, there are also some movies confined to a culture or religion, not being a talk of the town or that had no long term run in the cinema halls.

barpaki mayaWell, coming to the point, yesterday I had my eye on this splendid movie called “Barpaki Maya”. Okay now tell me, what do you choose when it comes to a movie? The one that’s known for actions or the one that has a predominant horror or the one arrayed with love songs or the one tumbled with the tragedy? Well, everybody has a choice. Even I’ve got mine. But what happened while watching ‘Barpaki Maya’ is something different. I name the movie a multi-dimensional, the blues of the people there admixed with their warm hospitality and beautiful hearts.

This is a movie reflecting the Gurung culture in an enticing village of our country: Barpak, and being sincere, my single statement regarding the movie would be a real injustice to it as it beholds not only the Gurung culture but lot more of squares, where the plots of the movie are fitted.

Talking about the dialogues delivery, the actions, and the cinematography, you might or might not find it good, but since I ain’t a movie critic, I would completely prefer not talking about the flaws. What I want to tell you is not about my likes or dislikes. It is about what I embraced or what any Nepali people would be embellished with while watching the movie.

barpaki maya 3I remember myself reading “Nepal 4 jaat ra 36 barna ko sundar desh ho” in small standards. When translated, Nepal is a beautiful multilingual and multicultural country. When I grew up, I realized, despite these diversities, Nepal is one, Nepal is whole and we all are Nepali. With this thought on the mind, I realized this is a Gurung movie, a super hit, but prior to that, this is a Nepali movie. And the dimensions the movie portrays are candid. It pictures preserving the culture; the community we are brought up with is what we are made up of, the love for our country; wherever we reside today or tomorrow, we are what we are, and we are Nepali. It also promotes the domestic tourism and visualizes how warmly and kindly are the tourists even us, the domestic ones are treated up there .it demonstrates the love of a father for a daughter whom he cannot take home, the love of a daughter for her father despite all her hard times, the stereotype step-mother, the divinity of the love between two sisters, the love that emerges from just a single pole yet stands tall, the sacrifice, and most importantly, the realization of all the wrong deeds.

The movie known to be a super hit amongst the Gurung families has imparted gorgeous compositions of a lesson to be learned by the whole Nepal I suppose. This kind of pictures shall not be confined. I believe in our culture. I believe in our country. Despite the political devastation and urbanization hazards, the mud we are made up of is glamorous, I believe.

Movie Review by Cchetnaa Geller


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