Finally, the ‘CONDOM SONG’ has been released!

This is an infotainment song on safe sex practices to aware the public about the use of condoms.

90’s: झिल्के दाइ छ – छैन कन्डम ?
2016: Oh! my darlinga use Condoma !!

‘Condom Song’ is set to be the biggest hit in the music industry this year – awaring millions of young people for safe sex practice. Produced in collaboration with ‘We For Change‘, youth organization based in Kathmandu, the song has the vocals by Almoda Rana Uprety and Sujata Verma. No wonder the song has that quirky feeling to it and is very catchy, once you give it a hear. I am humming it even while writing this *Oh my darling! I use condoma* The dance in the song is performed by the ‘We For Change’ team members and they have done a really good job.

The song aims to aware the youth people in having the safe sex and promote the use of condoms. According to UNAID 2009 Reports, 4.9 million suffer from HIV-AIDS in Asia alone, among them 160,000 are children. Nepal, where people feel shy to come forward and talk about safe sex and condoms, this song might be an effective way in creating an environment where people can enjoy as well as learn about safe sex practice and everything about condom.

According to We For Change, ” We are trying to raise awareness on safe sex practices and increase use of condoms.”

The official launch took place in the presence of Honorable Mr. Gagan Thapa, Minister, Ministry of Health in collaboration with National Center for AIDS and STD Control (NCASC); supported by Family Planning Association of Nepal (FPAN).

Here’s what the singer Almoda Rana Uprety said about the song on his Facebook page:

Watch the song and enjoy! And don’t forget to use ‘Condoma’ for safe sex.

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