The most anticipated event of the year “Apple event” was conducted successfully yesterday. Obviously, iPhone 7 meteoric rise in price rate and newly launched AirPods grabbed the attention all over the world with trolls. Here are few of the best trolls so far :

  1. First look of iPhone 7 and it’s funny features.
    2. Thank God, they didn’t take this troll as a suggestion

3. We had heard trolls about people being ready to sell their kidney to buy iPhone. Here is an example. Just check out  this epic comment. In fact, he is right, we have two kidneys and one kidney is enough to live.


4. Hurrah !!!!! Finally, I will get an iPhone.


5. iPhone might be expensive. But at least, it is enough to buy a house.


6.  And finally, here is the first look of  Ear Pods. But wait a second, hairdryer or Air Pods?


7.  We 90’s kids are really getting older. We will miss them.

8. Tired of searching your earphones? Don’t worry, EarPods are there to ensure that you lose it easily.


9. Searching Pokemon is not the mainstream anymore.


10. Why do I have to buy these when I  can cut the wires of my earphone?

11. Sia wasn’t there to sing, Sia was there to teach you how to search your AirPods when you can’t find it.

12.  Apple even launched Pokemon go for a smart watch. But why will we buy a smart watch to play just a game?


This is just the beginning, more trolls are yet to come and are going to  make us laugh in the recent days. Thank God, we are living in this sarcastic internet world and able to watch,enjoy these trolls.

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