Suruppa“, this might be the word that will be hanging in your mouth after watching the teaser of LOVE SHASA.

VISA GIRL’ director Parchanda Man Shrestha has made a comeback after three years. The story revolves around a girl whose marriage is already fixed and a guy who faces the tragedy. The romantic comedy movie trailer looks very promising.


The movie looks like a simple story which looks to focus on our society’s simple problems, our love relationships, career, and life.

Actors : Keki Adhikari, Karma Shakya , Abhaya Bara
Director : Pracahndra Shrestha
Producer : Popcorn Production House

As per the teaser, Keki  Adhikari looks like the self-governing and determining girl who is seeking for answers regarding love and life. Critically praised and acclaimed for her mind-blowing act in the short movie SAVITRI, she looks to steal the show again. Hope we got to see another mindblowing performance from her.

As always, Karma never fails to impress with his acting skills and no-one in the industry can say those pickup lines in a cool, calm way like he can. Well- known actor from the young generation Abhaya Bara has also acted in the main character.

The word ‘Surruppa’  sounds so pleasing and appealing to our ears when we hear it. Similarly, explanation of this word ‘Surrupa’ by Keki makes it more funny, amusing and lovely. And the way Keki says those words, you are bound to fall in  love with her sweet voice.

For the first time, Keki Adhikari and Karma will be sharing the on-screens together.  Their on-screen chemistry is perfect and flawless.

According to director Prachanda Shrestha “Movie is going to be made in the simple one line story” Shrestha. The movie is to be released on 12th January 2017 under the banner of Popcorn pictures.

Hope you will like the trailer. Watch it here!


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