Don’t have Paypal Account? You have come to right place. I am going to describe all the steps: How to make Paypal account – without Mastercard and Bank Account? This process is a bit risky and the account is not fully verified but you can RECEIVE and SEND money from the Paypal account. Let’s get started!

Steps: How to make Paypal Account – without Mastercard and Bank Account?

*Use your mobile phone browser or Paypal app for access rather than your Desktop/Laptop!

Step 1: Open

Step 2: Sign up with US address using fake address generator

Link for fake address generator:

Step 3: For US Phone number use: and sign up with your credentials.

Step 4: After you have signed up in you will be asked for first 3 code of Phone number. Enter the Phone code from Step 2(First 3 digit of Fake address mobile number).

Step 5: Enter all the Credentials in Paypal Sign up and you are ready to go.

Congratulations!! You have made a working Paypal Account without Mastercard and Bank Account.
Caution: The Paypal account you have made just now is for temporary use and not fully verified. The account you just made can be used for small transactions. The account might get limited at any time. So, use the account at your own risk 😀

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