There might not be a single youngster in Nepal who haven’t heard about MRR. From facebook page to the streets of the country, MENS ROOM RELOADED has become a group that no one can stop talking about.

And now this epic popular group Men’s Room Reloaded , known as MRR is celebrating its 5th years of brotherhood. It was founded on 11th December 2011. Yes, exactly 5 years before. Initially, the facebook group had a small group of people with a motive to have fun and communication between every 18+ Nepali brothers privately. Now the group has extended the members to 99k.

In the beginning, only adult jokes were the part of the discussion in the group. Later, few of the nation’s important issues started being discussed and with the rise in participation, MRR decided to bring this issues in real life demonstration as well. Slowly, programs were organized to raise awareness and protest the wrong doings of politicians and different people.

Now, the group and its member has a common mission to contribute to the nation by welfare works and have a common motto “Yes to Brotherhood”.

Now,MRR popularity has become so much popular that it has become like a forum to discuss opinions and share national issues. Not only that, it has become an aid for asking help like blood urgency, carpool system etc.

But these 5 years were full of struggles. Selection of members and admins had to conduct various meetings for the welfare of the group. Various volunteering programs like blood donation, earthquake relief programs, clothes distribution to street children have been conducted.

MRR has become a pioneer and inspirational group which has given rise to various new groups like MWRR, Daari Gang etc.

The most important thing I like about MRR is that it has given updates about various national issues time to time and this has led to bringing the nationality feeling back in Nepali youngsters.

With the motive to give priority to Nepali culture and religion than other International values, various attempts have been made. Thanks to MRR, people have begun starting watching Nepali Films again which is a great achievement.

In these 5 years, MRR has contributed in different social activities. Here are some of the glimpse of MRR from past 5 years.


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