When was the last time you cried after watching a Nepali movie? Never ever? Can’t remember? All of your answers will be changed after you watch this brilliantly directed soul-stirring Nepali short movie “HITCHCOCK”.

The imaginary conversation between mother and her son in this movie is very emotional, emotive, and poignant that it will fill your eyes with tears. Similarly, this movie depicts the harsh realities of the modern world in an emotional but sarcastic way.



This short movie is about a road accident, where a person is on the brink of death, and he starts thinking about his mother, who is no more in this world. When the protagonist is fighting for life, living his last breath, he starts having an imaginary conversation with his mother and she motivates him to fight back, move on and escape his death.

On the other hand, the story depicts the insensitive, heartless, unconcerned and cold-blooded nature of today’s city world. There is a scene in the movie, where a person is shown clicking the photograph of the incident from his window and  instead of calling others for help, he is busy posting those photos in social media.


There is a dialogue by mother “सहरिया तलाई खुब सहर मा बस्नु पर्न गाउँमा भाको भए तलाई सब जनाले मदत गर्न आउथे”. This scene is a satire of today’s modern world which is run by online networks, not by humanity and co-operation.

To make the things worse, two thieves come and steal his belongings from him instead of helping him. “How ridiculous is today’s world?”  This makes you question if humanity is still alive.



The movie also shows the carelessness and recklessness of professionals like cops, doctors who consider him dead without any further investigation.

It doesn’t matter how much grown up you are, how childish or matured you are, at the times of difficulty, it’s your mother whom you ask suggestions for. She is the one who can take place of all the others but none can take her place.

For me, this movie is a masterpiece in storytelling, plot, and direction and it succeeds in showing the bitter truth of our real world. Hats off to ‘Gauthali Entertainment‘ for such an innovative and unique presentation.

This movie really reminds me of a popular Naruto series question,

“When did all of you forsake yourselves?”

Didn’t understand the question? Just answer it yourself after watching this movie. Here is the link:


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