Five years, yes, five years since the release of Yama Buddha’s hit song ‘Saathi’ that took the music industry by storm and broke all the music charts and records. The song gave rise to one of the biggest rappers of this generation. And, the entire country fell in love with the rapping skills of this young man, Yama Buddha.

From public vehicles like Micro-Bus to Radio, this song is still being played everywhere and has become an evergreen song that will stay with the audience for a long period of time. No doubt, this song has become a cult classic hip-hop song in recent days.5

Since then, he is quietly unstoppable giving back to back music hits. His stardom has reached up to International level in his last five years. Recently, he had collaborated in an International music with Indian singer Neha Kakkar, Srilankan artist Iraj and much more.

However, this song Saathi will always be special for him. The song was written by Yama Buddha to express about his friends taking drugs while he was away from them living in London. Likewise, it is dedicated to all the youngsters who are being deteriorated by drugs to think about their life before destroying it.1

The song has crossed 1.3 million views on YouTube.

This emotional song touched the heart of Nepalese people. The soulful lyrics and music video emphasised the friendship of two friends, social problems like peer pressure and health hazards created by drugs.62

Quite amazingly, the reply to this song “Saathi 2” was uploaded by an individual on YouTube and it has reached 200K views.

Many of us are unaware of the fact that his real name is Anil Adhikari. Yama means the Lord of death and on contrast, Buddha is the symbol of light. He justifies his peculiar and contrasting name by saying that everyone has a choice whether to be good or bad in their actions.

Since then, he released his “mixtape”, a CD of 21 tracks in 2011. He is going to release ‘Khatara’ in near future. We wish you all the best Yama. Keep rockin’!

Saathi Official Music Video
Saathi 2 (Reply) by Dirty R on Yama Buddha’s Hook (with Lyrics) Nephop 2012
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